Product Highlights: 

  • High bioavailability thanks to piperine content
  • Neuro- and cardioprotective properties
  • Anti-inflammatory and anticancer effects
  • Neutralises the excess of free radicals
  • Supports joint functions

Curcumin 95 + Bioperine is a dietary supplement which contains the high-quality extract from turmeric rhizome (Curcuma longa), standardised for the 95% content of curcuminoids. The product is enriched with standardised black pepper extract which enhances curcumin bioavailability.

Curcumin is a yellow dye isolated from the root of turmeric (Curcuma longa), also known as Indian saffron. The substance shows many valuable health-promoting properties; for thousands of years, it has been used because of its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anticancer properties.

Curcumin action results from its ability to inhibit activity of NF-κB, a nuclear transcription factor, which is a mediator of inflammation development and oncogenesis as well as affects such disease as rheumatoid arthritis, atherosclerosis of arteries, multiple sclerosis and asthma.

Curcumin shows high antioxidant activity, comparable to vitamins C and E. Curcumin neutralises the excess of reactive oxygen species and contributes to an increase in glutathione and antioxidant enzymes, so that it prevents development of diseases resulting from oxidative stress.

Curcumin shows anticancer and chemopreventive properties. It can i.a. inhibit carcinogen activation and remove it smoothly, reduces angiogenesis and risk of metastasis.

Curcumin determines the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. It protects the cells from the harmful influence of homocysteine, reduces formation of fatty infiltration of the artery walls and aggregation of blood platelets.

Curcumin shows also neuroprotective properties. It prevents formation and aggregation of beta-amyloid deposits, which is why it can be a part of prevention and therapy of Alzheimer’s disease.

To sum it all up, Curcumin 95 + Bioperine is a dietary supplement of comprehensive health-promoting properties. The product is recommended within the general preventive healthcare and as a support in case of cancers, neurodegenerative disorder, cardiovascular dysfunctions and reduced immunity.