Product Highlights: 

  • Reduced risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases
  • Enhanced cognitive functions of brain
  • Neuro- and cardioprotective effects
  • Delayed ageing process
  • Reduced oxidative stress
  • Healthy mitochondria

Apollo’s Hegemony PQQ is a dietary supplement which contains 20 mg of pyrroloquinoline quinone disodium salt, which resembles vitamins, is classified as cofactor of redox reaction and shows strong antioxidant properties.

Positive influence on mitochondria: PQQ supports mitochondria in various aspects. First of all, it stimulates the activity of CREB protein and the PGC-1 alpha and DJ-1 molecules which are responsible for the proper functioning and development of mitochondria. Apart from that, the substance positively affects regeneration of cell organs damaged at the DNA structure level. Moreover, PQQ protects mitochondria structure from the harmful effects of reactive nitrogen species (RNS). Pyrroloquinoline quinone effectively scavenges peroxide and hydroxy radicals from the body system.

Key to longevity: PQQ significantly counteracts ageing process. According to biologists, the greater number of mitochondria in cells, the better healthy of the body system, which results in a slowdown in ageing process. It is also responsible for life expectancy. Supplementation with PQQ will slow down bio- and neurodegenerative processes.

Neuroprotective effects of PQQ consist in protection of neural structures from the harmful effects of oxidants and oxidative stress. Above all, the substance reduces inflammations and neutralises harmful RNS (reactive nitrogen species). Moreover, PQQ positively affects nerve conduction in neurons, thanks to its ability to increase activity of nerve growth factor (NGF) and Schwann cells. PQQ protects also the nervous system from the harmful influence of toxins which promote Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. The product positively affects the functioning of neurotransmitters, which improves cognitive functions of the brain.

Influence on the cardiovascular system consists in protection of heart cells from oxidative stress and reduction in cell damage caused by lipid peroxidation, which results from the positive influence on energetic processes in mitochondria.