Product Highlights: 

  • Support for calcium management
  • Osteoporosis prevention
  • Better vascular elasticity
  • Insulin sensitivity
  • Effect on testosterone levels
  • Nervous system protection

Vitamin K2 is a crucial factor in calcium management. By activating such proteins as osteocalcin and MGP, it supports the transport of calcium ions from the blood to bone tissue, where their potential can be fully used. The mechanism is responsible for increased bone mineral density and greater resistance to fractures.

The proteins also improve the condition of the circulatory system; they can not only reduce the risk of vessel wall calcifications, but also help to reduce the already existing ones. Thanks to that, they reduce the risk of developing atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular system diseases.

Osteocalcin is a hormone that exhibits activity beyond just calcium management. It is very beneficial for people struggling with distorted blood sugar levels and insulin production. It affects pancreatic beta cells, causing their proliferation and stimulating insulin release. At the same time, it also influences adipose cells, causing them to release more anti-inflammatory adiponectin, which improves insulin sensitivity.

Men struggling with low testosterone levels and problems with fertility can also benefit from the product. Via osteocalcin, which stimulates Leydig cells found in cell nucleus tissue, vitamin K2 can help to increase the production of testosterone, the major androgenic hormone.

Vitamin K complex affects the health of the brain as well. Scientists have demonstrated a correlation between low concentration of the vitamins and distorted cognitive processes in seniors. The compounds also protect neurons by supporting the production of neurolemmas, reducing oxidative stress and inflammations in the brain.

The supplement is a great way to improve the condition of the motor system by increasing bone mineral density and toughness. It can also prevent the development of circulatory system diseases, such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, or fragile and stiff blood vessels. It supports the overall health of the organism as well thanks to its influence on insulin sensitivity, the ability to improve hormone economy and neuroprotection.