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  • Easily available metabolic energy for muscle cells
  • A great addition to high-fat diets
  • Helps to reduce excess weight
  • Support in the normalization of lipid profile
  • Long-lasting satiety
  • Easily digested
AH MCT Oil is a preparation that is a source of one of the nutrients that are an alternative source of metabolic energy, as well as facilitate bodyweight reduction or the maintenance of impeccable body health.

Current dietary trends assume very different nutrition models. Some of these include high fat intake with maximum carbohydrate reduction. Unfortunately, some people get the wrong idea about the consumption of fatty foods or have no clue how to increase the proportion of healthy fatty acids in the diet. Bearing this mind, the manufacturer has created AH MCT oil.

Medium-chain fatty acids differ from their long-chain homologs, as the name implies, by the length of the chain, and thus the number of carbons in a molecule. As a result, they undergo slightly different digestive and metabolic processes. Once they are consumed and leave the stomach, they go directly to the portal vein and liver, from where they are distributed along with the blood to the working muscles. Once they reach the cells, they are transported to the mitochondria without the participation of carnitine. Therefore, glycogen stores are saved, because fatty acids become the main source of energy during exercise, which is great information for all athletes aiming to improve muscle efficiency.

A large proportion of people trying to lose unnecessary kilograms, resort to the ketogenic diet, which assumes high fat intake. The incorporation of MCT oil into the menu may be a very smart move. As it turns out, medium-chain fatty acids exert thermogenesis-enhancing properties. Additionally, by acting on leptin receptors and suppressing hunger, they limit the consumption of excessive calories. There are also postulates about a possible effect of MCT oil on lipogenesis, by reducing the conversion of carbohydrates to fatty acids.

To sum up, AH MCT Oil is a supplement containing medium-chain fatty acids, which in addition to their participation in metabolic processes, help to maintain excellent health, as well as facilitate normalization of lipid profile. 
This product has not been tested for the presence of substances banned by WADA.
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