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About us
The powers of the Greek god Apollo were extremely wide. He was considered a god of beauty, health, life and death, order and music. Over time, the Greeks attributed to him further skills, expanding the scope of his power. Following Apollo's hegemony, the inspired specialists construct a range of products which serve to improve the quality of life, maintain a good health and beautiful, truly divine body. Just like the competencies of this god, the range of Apollo's Hegemony products is expanding widely.

Apollo, considered the beauty ideal, was the youngest and the most beautiful of the Greek gods. Our mission is to provide people with the health and body care products so that everyone has the opportunity to discover the divine qualities.

The work of Apollo's Hegemony experts, however, has nothing to do with mythology and beliefs. The formulas and doses of ingredients are determined during turbulent, often long-term findings, based on reliable scientific researches and market analyzes. The offer is composed not only to meet the basic needs, but also to fill the market niches, providing the exclusive and rare products.

In order to meet the expectations of consumers, additional compositions are based only on the crucial ingredients, without the addition of magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide and similar substances. We pay a lot of attention to the selection of raw materials, avoiding those genetically modified. In most supplements, vegetarian capsules are used, respecting the views of people who avoid the products derived from animals. The production takes place in high-class manufacturing plants that apply good manufacturing practices, which result in products of the highest quality. All this means that by choosing Apollo's Hegemony products you can be positive that they are safe, effective and innovative.

At the turn of 2015/2016, the brand Apollo's Hegemony was created by Huge Mountain LLC, a company operating in the USA. In October 2018, the brand was taken over by Apollo's Hegemony LTD, created by the managers of Testosterone.pl and MZ Store, which are the largest distributors of the brand and have served the most in its development. This change allowed for a better adjustment of the offer to the European market, where both companies have been operating for years.
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