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  • A source of polysaccharides and terpenes that support immune functions
  • Effectively fights with free radicals
  • Help in the prevention of strokes and heart attacks
  • Supports cognitive skills
  • Anticarcinogenic potential
Apollo's Hegemony Chaga is a supplement with a broad immunomodulatory potential, supporting the functioning of the central nervous system and preventing lifestyle diseases.

Chaga extract (clinker polypore) – a fungus growing in the northern hemisphere; a plant parasite used by some nations as an ingredient in dishes (including in Canada and Russia). The active ingredients found in Chaga also provide great support for immune and cognitive functions and are considered helpful in the prevention of thromboembolic events.

A healthy immune system is invaluable. By rephrasing the thought of a famous poet, most people remember this only when an infection occurs. The key to maintaining good immune health is a proper diet, but it can also be supported by appropriately selected supplementation.

Chaga extract is rich in polysaccharides and terpenes, which have immunomodulatory potential. As it turns out, they help in increasing the number of B lymphocytes, balancing the Th2 response to the Th1-cell, and detecting looming tumor foci. It is also worth paying attention to their antioxidant activity because free radicals are often a key link in the development of many diseases.

It is sometimes hard to keep up with the current pace of life without the proper support of mental functions. Fortunately, the ingredients found in the extract also support this aspect. Thanks to the protective effect against drops in acetylcholine levels within the central nervous system, they may significantly improve the efficiency of cognitive skills (memory and concentration). This is related to the effective reduction of the above-mentioned free radicals.

Civilization diseases are a real bane of the present times. Their development may be delayed by lifestyle changes, which in some way encompass appropriate supplementation. Scientific reports indicate a positive effect of Chaga extract on the decrease in the number of thromboembolic events (strokes and heart attacks). This is due to a reduction of platelet aggregation, and thus the formation of intravascular clots.

To sum up, Apollo's Hegemony Chaga is a preparation intended for all those who struggle with reduced immunity or are daily exposed to a multitude of infectious agents or the harmful activity of free radicals.
This product has not been tested for the presence of substances banned by WADA.
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