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  • Unique combination of creatine with orotic acid
  • Affects regulation of intracellular pH
  • Helps to increase carnosine levels in muscles
  • Helps to maintain normal homocysteine levels
  • Beneficial for mental performance
  • Stimulates muscle tissue growth
  • Reduces time needed for regeneration
  • Improves organism’s exercise capacity
  • Enriched with anhydrous betaine

Apollo’s Hegemony Orotine Plus is a dietary supplement containing a relatively new substance, tri-creatine orotate. Thanks to the combination of creatine with orotic acid, it is possible to obtain additional benefits from it in the form of increased carnosine levels in muscles, which help to maintain proper intracellular pH in muscle tissue and, in turn, increase the endurance of muscles and delay their tiredness during workout.

Tri-creatine orotate is a combination of three molecules of creatine monohydrate with orotic acid. Orotic acid fantastically reinforces the activity of creatine, which is a popular ergogenic agent that participates in the processes of energy metabolism (mainly in organs and tissues with high demand for energy – skeletal muscles, the brain, the heart), improves muscle strength and endurance, supports muscle anabolism, and enhances cognitive functions.

Apart from the obvious advantages of using creatine, tri-creatine orotate offers additional benefits, mainly in the form of increased carnosine levels in muscle tissue.

Absorbed orotate is eventually converted to beta-alanine, which can play the role of a precursor in the synthesis of carnosine in skeletal muscles, the brain and the heart. Carnosine is one of the basic dipeptides which occur naturally in the human organism.

Because of its buffering functions, carnosine helps to reduce acidification of the internal environment of muscle fibres, as it has a negative effect on exercise capacity of working muscles, and reduces the risk of muscle mass loss.

Carnosine exhibits antioxidant properties as well. Thanks to its activity, it also plays the role of a buffer of reactive oxygen species, which reduces their negative effects and, at the same time, makes it possible for them to perform regulatory functions.

The preparation is enriched with betaine anhydrous, which exhibits health-improving properties (it protects the cardiovascular system by reducing homocysteine levels) as well as helps to improve sports results, as it maintains the right level of hydration in cells, determines normal creatine production and participates in carnitine synthesis, thanks to which it has a beneficial effect on anabolic processes.

To sum up, Apollo’s Hegemony Orotine Plus is a combination of benefits that can be obtained from the supplementation of creatine and orotic acid. Orotic acid brilliantly complements the activity of creatine and gives it new possibilities. It allows the preparation to constitute a unique supplement that will improve the duration and efficiency of workout and delay muscle tiredness; it can also serve as a practical strategy of increasing carnosine levels.

This product has not been tested for the presence of substances banned by WADA.
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