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  • Improves time of reaction
  • Accelerates decision making
  • Affects efficient data analysis
  • Improves concentration and reduces tiredness
  • Increases tolerance to stressful situations

Apollo’s Hegemony GAME OVER™ is a dietary supplement designed for advanced computer players. The unique composition of nootropic agents allows a fantastic increase in thought processes, which are used all the time during competitive tasks in the virtual reality.

The active components contained in the preparation exhibit highly synergic activity. Because of that, it is possible to reach the top potential of the nervous system, discovering effects that would not be available when using each component separately.

Despite being the most popular stimulant in the world, caffeine has an advanced mechanism of activity and a wide range of effects. Most of them stem from its ability to block adenosine receptors, which is a unique feature of purine alkaloids. Thanks to that, it not only reduces mental fatigue, but also increases the activity of stimulant neurotransmitters. One of them is dopamine, a factor that lets us feel satisfaction, increases concentration and clarity of mind, and gives motivation to act. Another activity of caffeine is an increase in adrenaline and noradrenaline release from nerve endings, which makes the organism alert and ready.

Theanine perfectly supplements the activity of caffeine, which is why it is often used to increase its positive effects and reduce the negative ones. It is an amino acid that improves tolerance to stress, increases cognitive functions, and puts the brain in a state imitating its functioning during meditation and relaxation. As scientists have demonstrated in research, adding theanine to caffeine helps to improve the time of reaction even more, reduce the duration of information processing, accelerate decision making, and enhance working memory.

Sunifiram is an innovative anti-amnesic agent, one of ampakines. The category is one of the most promising groups of nootropic agents that sets trends for further studies conducted by scientists. Its mechanism of activity is based on modulating the functioning of glutamate receptors, especially increasing the efficacy of AMPA receptors, which effectively improves cognitive functions and the formation of memory. Glutamate is a specifically brain-stimulating neurotransmitter that supports the functioning of the organ at intellectual work. Another activity of sunifiram is the stimulation of acetylcholine release to synaptic gaps, particularly in the area of the prefrontal cortex. The part of the brain is responsible mainly for making the right, logically justified decisions as well as for analysing and organising data.

Alpha GPC is a form of choline bound with glycerophosphate. Both compounds have the ability to improve the condition of cell membranes, thanks to which cells are protected from external factors, work more efficiently, and communicate better with one another. Alpha GPC is the form of choline that is used the most often for nootropic purposes, as it crosses the blood-brain barrier easily and increases choline levels in the central nervous system. It is a precursor of acetylcholine, that is a neurotransmitter responsible for increasing concentration and improving memory. It has a particularly beneficial effect when used in the presence of agents that stimulate choline utilisation, such as caffeine and sunifiram, as it immediately supplements the substrates needed for rebuilding acetylcholine.

The formula has a complex influence on intellectual capacity and the speed of brain function, which is particularly important in the case of intellectual work. In virtual competition, it lets you plan next moves, analyse the tactics of your opponents better, and react faster to what they are doing. It also reduces tiredness and lets you train for longer, and more efficient memory formation guarantees that you gain more from training and can prepare better for the final battle.

To sum up, GAME OVER™ is an agent that should definitely draw the attention of those who take virtual competition seriously. It helps to increase the condition of the nervous system both during training and actual game, that way constituting a sort of “doping” for gamers.

This product has not been tested for the presence of substances banned by WADA.
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