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  • Adaptogenic and nootropic properties
  • Reduces stress response
  • Facilitates learning and memorising
  • Positive influence on general well-being
  • Protects the nervous system from damage
  • Increases neuroplasticity
  • Shows anti-inflammatory properties

As an adaptogenic plant, Bacopa monnieri supports the body system in the adaptation to unfavourable stress conditions. Nowadays, such conditions can be caused by demanding work, too many responsibilities, family problems and many other situations. Adaptogens support the fight against stress, by improving the psychic condition and reducing the risk of potential negative health effects of chronic stress.

Speed learning and smooth memorising caused by the supplementation with Bacopa monnieri result from the ability to increase neuroplasticity. This means that it can accelerate the growth of dendrites in neurons, by increasing the number of nerve connections in the brain. The supplement can also increase the concentration of acetylcholine in the brain, by blocking the acetylcholinesterase, which metabolises this neurotransmitter particularly important for science.

The sedative and mood-improving properties of Bacopa result from the effects of modulating the activity of particular neurotransmitters which are crucial for the brain. One of them is GABA, which is a key inhibiting factor that reduces anxiety and relaxes the muscles. However, bacosides do not affect the GABA system in a way that resembles its action, but they increase the number of GABA receptors, which is the safest way to improve its effects.

Also the increase in serotonin concentration is to be observed, because of the more efficient metabolism of its precursors and more intensive production of transporting molecules. In turn, dopamine receives the increased transmission when we need it most, for example during stress. The combination of these two neurotransmitters is responsible for the feeling of happiness and life satisfaction.

Bacopa monnieri offers also different possibilities of neuroprotective effects. The first one is the more efficient production of the growth factor of BDNF neurons, which is responsible for damage repair. The second one is the reduction in oxidative stress, including this resulting from the presence of such metals as iron, aluminium or mercury. Also the anti-inflammatory effects, resulting from the reduction in the IL-1β and TNF-α cytokines, contribute to the brain protection from ageing and diseases.

To sum it all up, Apollo’s Hegemony Bacopa Monnieri is a natural and safe measure to improve mood and brain functions as well as to support learning processes, especially when used regularly.

This product has not been tested for the presence of substances banned by WADA.
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