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  • Normal, balanced energy metabolism
  • Optimal function of the nervous system
  • Highest dose of biotin
  • Insulin sensitivity improvement
  • It helps to complement deep biotin deficiency
  • Helpful in reversing progressive multiple sclerosis
  • Supports slowing down multiple sclerosis
  • Helpful in maintaining a steady blood sugar level
  • Supports fatty acid metabolism

Apollo’s Hegemony Biotin Extra Strength is a dietary supplement that contains currently highest available dose of biotin – 100 mg per capsule. Because biotin effectively supports nerve cell metabolism, published data show that high doses of biotin may have a positive impact on disease progression and disability in primary and secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.

Biotin is a ubiquitous water-soluble B vitamin that activates enzymes involved in energy production and myelin synthesis. It serves as an essential coenzyme for biotin-dependent carboxylases catalyzing the transfer of a carboxyl group to targeted substrates. Some of those carboxylases are expressed in astrocytes and neurons and are involved in the production of key intermediates for the Krebs cycle which plays a central role in neuronal energy production.

Progression in MS (either secondary or primary) is often considered as a consequence of both demyelination and energy failure. Activation of the Krebs cycle by very high doses of biotin may therefore increase the energy production in axons.

Biotin activates acetyl-CoA carboxylase (ACC), which activity is detected in purified myelin, suggesting that ACC might be a key regulator for myelin synthesis. High doses of biotin may increase ATP production in demyelinated axons and increase fatty acid synthesis in oligodendrocytes. Overall, high doses of biotin, could target the main metabolic processes related to progressive MS.

Biotin is also involved in gluconeogenesis and fatty acids synthesis. Therefore it supports normal glucose metabolism, may improve insulin sensitivity and helps to prevent diabetic neuropathy. Biotin helps to reduce serum triglycerides and vLDL levels and its deficiency may manifest through increased levels of total cholesterol. Biotin is also associated with promoting healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Severe biotin deficiencies can lead to a number of neurological disorders. Most of them are resolved with administration of biotin. Therefore taking high doses of biotin helps to restore its levels in organism. According to studies, high doses of biotin was safe and well tolerated in patients.

To sum up, Apollo’s Hegemony Biotin Extra Strength provides an essential nutrient that may be helpful in improving the functioning of the nervous system, slowing MS progression and relieving symptoms of that disease and also optimizing the lipid and glucose metabolism.

Take 1-3 capsule daily with water.

Product should not be taken with a meal containing raw egg whites, which may inhibit biotin’s absorption.

This product has not been tested for the presence of substances banned by WADA.
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