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Gotu Kola 

Gotu Kola, otherwise known as the Centella asiatica, is often referred to as the "source of life" in many places all around the world. It is a plant that has a very wide application in improving body efficiency. In Asia, it is considered one of the main medicines to improve the functioning of the entire body. It grows in humid areas, but in every other place it can take a slightly different look. The root is thick and has red roots, and the fruit is a pod with seeds. 
Gotu Kola - action and properties 

It stimulates the synthesis of collagen in bones, joints as well as in other connective tissues. It plays an important role in improving the condition of blood vessels. It regulates functions of nerve transmitters, which send signals to the brain, thus improving its functioning. It is helpful in wound healing and in ceasing of inflammatory states. What's more, it affects the appearance of the skin, preventing its excessive aging. Its composition includes, among others, vitamins A, C, E and K, as well as glutamic acid, flavonoids, magnesium, serine and essential oils. 
The operation of Gotu Kola is very wide. It improves mood, reduces sensitivity to stress, calms the body and calms you down. It is helpful in learning, associating and memorizing processes. In the elder people, it supports the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. It plays an important role in the musculoskeletal system prophylaxis, improves blood supply to tissues, has antibacterial and antifungal properties. What's more, it improves the quality of sleep, has an analgesic effect, we could even say that Gotu Kola is the solution for everything bad things whichcan happen to our body! 
Dosage of Gotu Kola 

Dosage depends on what form of Gotu Kola wants to use. You can bet on the leaves themselves, which are used, for example, for treating wounds directly on the skin, and you can also choose the option of infusions or tablets. The amount of the preparation is dependent on the problems that a person is struggling with. For example, 200 mg of Gotu Kola is recommended for dealing with inflammation states  and 600 mg for example in Alzheimer's disease prophylaxis. If we want to use an infusion of dried parts of this plan, then 1 g of dried fruit is equivalent to 200 mg of the extract. It is worth combining the use of this plant with caffeine, lecithin, carnitine , camphor, as well as taurine and other vitamins and amino acids. Gotu Kola should be taken up until the afternoon, because it has a stimulating effect, so taken in the evening can be a cause of insomnia. 
Gotu Kola - why is it worth it?

Undoubtedly, it is worth putting on Gotu Kola because it brings many different kinds of benefits that affect the entire human body and its functioning. Living in constant stress and tension, having problems concentrating, seeing a drop in energy at home, its use can be very helpful. Gotu Kola is good for any skin diseases, it is help with the symptoms of aging and Alzheimer's disease. It is therefore recommended for both young people who are overworked, training a lot and sleeping very little. It is also a good solution for athletes, but also for older people. Anyone who decides to choose Gotu Kola as supplements every day, certainly after a few weeks of their use will notice very large effects. 

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