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• Direct dopamine precursor
• For better well-being
• Stimulates cognitive functions
• Promotes sexual performance
• Increases motivation level
Apollo’s Hegemony L-DOPA is a source of levodopa, a direct dopamine precursor. Thanks to a high-level ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, it allows to efficiently optimize the dopamine management in the organism.

L-DOPA can be used as a medicine in Parkinson’s disease, which is the degeneration of nerve cells in the substantia nigra that are responsible for dopamine production. By using levodopa, it is possible to restore the appropriate levels of dopamine among the people with the illness. However, it also has some application for healthy people.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which is mainly associated with the functions that it holds in limbic system. It is responsible for emotional functions, mainly motivation. Its activity is connecter with the reward center and because of that it increases the willingness to act. It is one of the main and most beneficial aspects of high dopamine concentration in the organism. Supplementation with L-DOPA can therefore, influence the perceived emotional states. It is also indicated that taking levodopa helps to achieve optimal functioning of cognitive abilities.

Another extremely important aspect in favor of using levodopa is its influence on sexual functions. It increases libido and promotes sexual performance, by reducing problems in the intimate area. What is interesting is that L-DOPA can help in fruitful sexual life in other way – it is capable of enlarging the penis circumference.

Some sources indicate as well, that supplementation with levodopa can optimize the hormonal management. By increasing the testosterone and growth hormone synthesis L-DOPA can additionally prove helpful for athletes.

Apollo’s Hegemony L-DOPA is a supplement designated for people that are looking for a high quality, dependable source of levodopa, which allows for the increase in the dopamine level in the organism. It helps to maintain positive emotions and motivation, stimulates sexual performance and can beneficially influence the synthesis of testosterone and growth hormone.
This product has not been tested for the presence of substances banned by WADA.
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