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  • Efficient fat reducer
  • Designed by top specialists
  • Maximum efficacy and safety
  • Boosts energy and motivation
  • Inhibits catabolic processes
  • Stimulates to act
  • Crosses physiological barriers

Alphamind Apollos’s Hegemony is one of the most efficient complex preparations that support adipose tissue reduction and help to control body weight. It contains carefully selected substances with well-documented activity. It composition was supervised by a group of brilliant specialists on dietetics, pharmacology, biochemistry, and functional medicine. Their hard work allowed to create a product that is not only efficient, but which above all helps to lose weight safely, without the loss of a good mood and persistence.

L-Carnitine – the most popular agent used for reducing adipose tissue. It is active at the very base of the organism, as it enables the transport of lipids inside mitochondria, where fatty acids are burnt and turned into energy.

Caffeine anhydrous – one of the best studied agents used in supplementation. It has stimulating properties, reduces the symptoms of fatigue, boosts energy and vitality. Its ergogenic properties make the activity of caffeine much more effective. Thanks to its thermogenic potential, it is possible to reduce adipose tissue faster.

Olive leaf extract – thanks to the content of strong antioxidants: oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol, and oleic acid, it exhibits anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antifungal properties. It can increase the level of thyroid hormones and adrenaline, which support weight loss and make it much easier.

Rauwolscine – also known as alpha-yohimbine, is a yohimbine diastereoisomer but with more powerful activity. It is used by athletes for facilitating adipose tissue reduction because of its unique ability to block alpha-2-adrenergic receptors, thanks to which the concentration of cAMP in adipose cells is increased. Its interaction with the receptors makes rauwolscine an efficient agent especially when it comes to stubborn fat.

Methylcobalamin – the active, methylated form of vitamin B12. It supports energy metabolism and participates in blood production, thanks to which it helps to transport oxygen more effectively. It has a beneficial effect on the mood and on the condition of the nervous system.

Choline bitartrate – in other words, a combination of choline and tartaric acid which plays a crucial role in the functioning of the nervous system and constitutes an essential element of a properly balanced diet. It is an acetylcholine precursor, thanks to which it can enhance memory and concentration. It is an important participant in processes connected with fatty acid metabolism. Thanks to those properties, it is of great help at the stage of adipose tissue reduction.

Inositol – a molecule known for its fantastic effect on insulin sensitivity and mental health. More efficient glucose-insulin management is definitely beneficial for the efficacy of the fight for a dream body, and its ability to improve the mood can be a guardian angel during a calorie deficit.

L-Tyrosine – an amino acid that constitutes a structural element of adrenaline and noradrenaline, which stimulate adipose tissue reduction by activating adrenergic receptors. It can also stimulate the production of dopamine, which gives motivation to act and better well-being. Another aspect worth remembering is the metabolism-boosting role of thyroid hormones, which are also formed with the help of tyrosine.

Adaptogenic plants help to adjust faster to difficult conditions, an example of which is undoubtedly a calorie deficit. They improve the mood and bring many benefits for the nervous system. Ginkgo biloba can enhance oxygen uptake, while Bacopa monnieri along with Gotu Kola stimulate neurogenesis and collagen synthesis, which has a positive effect on the condition of the skin.

HICA (2-hydroxyisocaproic acid) – also known by the name leucic acid, exhibits activity similar to that of leucine but with much more efficacy. Just like leucine, it stimulates muscle growth and inhibits catabolism, makes it possible to train for longer and more intensively, and at the same time reduces the feeling of tiredness. Tests have demonstrated that HICA also reduces delayed onset muscle soreness.

To sum up, Apollos’s Hegemony Alphamind is a dietary supplement designed for people who want to reduce adipose tissue, in whom lower energy supply causes exhaustion, and who are looking not only for an efficient agent that will help them lose weight, but for one which would also boost their energy levels and the motivation to act.

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