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  • Yohimbine stereoisomer characterised by higher efficacy
  • Helps to reduce adipose tissue from resistant places
  • Promotes exercise capacity and mental function
  • Helps to achieve and maintain erection
  • Able to reduce appetite
  • Stimulant effect
  • Boosts libido
Apollo’s Hegemony Alpha-Yohimbine is a source of alpha-yohimbine, also called rauwolscine and isoyohimbine. The scope of its activity is similar to that of yohimbine but it is characterised by much better efficiency.

Rauwolscine is a stereoisomer of yohimbine with a very similar scope of activity. However, it displays much higher effectiveness than yohimbine, which is why it is recommended as an alternative for people looking for more powerful support in adipose tissue reduction. Similarly to yohimbine, rauwolscine is an alpha-2-adrenergic receptor antagonist but its effect is more powerful. By inhibiting the activity of the receptors on presynaptic noradrenergic neurons, alpha-yohimbine leads to increased noradrenaline release caused by a break on the negative feedback loop. That way, rauwolscine can increase the speed of adipose tissue burning, exert a stimulant effect, and promote sexual functions.

By increasing noradrenaline levels in the system, rauwolscine boosts lipolysis. Its antagonist activity in alpha-2-adrenergic receptors also prevents the reduction of cyclic adenosine monophosphate levels. Consequently, it increases the level of cAMP, stimulating adipose tissue burning. 

As a slimming agent, rauwolscine is valued for two reasons. Firstly, it is characterised by great efficiency, which is why it is recommended particularly at the end of the cutting stage, when fat loss becomes the most difficult. Secondly, it has a unique ability to promote the burning of the so-called stubborn fat, which is found in the belly, thighs and buttocks. The “stubbornness” stems from an especially high concentration of adrenergic receptors in those areas.

The effectiveness of alpha-yohimbine at promoting the speed of adipose tissue burning is caused both by the efficiency of its activity and the complexity of its influence on the body. Apart from stimulating lipolysis, rauwolscine also reduces appetite. That way, it helps resist cravings and avoid overeating, which further helps to lose weight.

Alpha-yohimbine is also recommended for men struggling with impotence. Thanks to the ability to increase blood pressure combined with effective vasodilation, rauwolscine helps to achieve and maintain an erection by promoting blood flow in the penis. It efficiently enhances sexual performance. It is believed that its activity can even reduce impotence caused by the use of some medicines.

A natural consequence of higher noradrenaline secretion in the body is increased physical capacity. The catecholamine makes the organism ready to act by increasing alertness and promoting exercise abilities. It is believed that the stimulant activity of alpha-yohimbine also affects cognitive functions. Supplementation with the substance can improve both psychomotor functions and memory processes, holistically improving the mental aspect of health.

Rauwolscine is also an agonist of serotonin receptors 5-HT1a, which is why it is associated with an ability to exert a similar effect on the organism as serotonin. Thanks to that, it can be beneficial for the mood. The scope of activity of alpha-yohimbine combined with its ability to support erection is thought to boost libido as well.

To sum up, Apollo’s Hegemony Alpha-Yohombine is a highly effective agent when it comes to accelerating adipose tissue burning. It is a perfect solution for advanced users who want to get rid of stubborn fat in the most resistant areas in the last and the most difficult stage of body mass reduction. Its stimulant effect on intellectual functions and mental capacity additionally helps to avoid succumbing to fattening cravings. The supplement can also be used by those who are seeking help in fighting erectile dysfunction.

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